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PTA is home to a talented cohort of resident artists across many disciplines. Partner with us to expand your success, invite us into your classroom for innovative lessons, or collaborate with us and your coworkers through workshops or close partnerships.


Diversity is the basis of Ildikó’s art. Her work is greatly influenced by the cultures of the American Northwest and Eastern Europe. She came to the US in 1987 after studying visual art and dance in Hungary. She continued her visual arts studies at Eastern Washington University. Over the years, her work has exhibited in the US, Europe, and Japan.

I create from a philosophy driven by compassion and respecting cultures, individuals, and nature. – Ildikó

Bozzi Collection

Jeffrey Mix
Gallery Director at Bozzi Collection
221 North Wall Street, Suite 226
Spokane, WA 99201

gallery: (509) 290-5604
cell: (808) 430-2538


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