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Artist's Statement

I investigate the human condition through patterns. Patterns of thought, of behavior, of expression and of images.

IldikoBody Language: The Art of the Literal, the Metaphorical and the Conceptual

My work focuses on how my bicultural and personal experiences have influenced my worldview and values. Exposure to dance and some physical conflict have made me sensitive to human relationships. Concepts, metaphors and emotions shape tangible images, simultaneously layered throughout each piece. Taken all together, they can express some of the richness and complexity of our common life experiences.

My art reflects how I digest my life experiences and observations, how I make sense of them, investigate them and distill them. There is an essence in my art to which many may relate. There are challenging aspects to interpreting my visual language, but remains accessible in essence. As observers of art, it is part of discovering who we are when we realize what we do or do not have in common with others.

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